More About Me

Chesley Kelley with Coldwell Banker

With almost a decade of real estate experience, she is a seasoned and award winning agent who is dedicated to helping her clients get into the best home for them.

Chesley was initially attracted to offering real estate services in the Denver Metro area because of the unparalleled beauty of our state. She also finds that a home can be one of the most beautiful places a human can experience. Once she started working in the field, she fell even more in love with the job because she was helping families build wealth and success.

Chesley has worked in customer service positions for the better portion of her life. She felt serving her clients in one of the biggest transactions they will make would be a perfect fit for her because everyone deserves to receive excellent customer service when making such big and impactful decisions.

Chesley is married with three children and her biggest motivation is her family. She believes that what you put in you get back and she wants to put as much love and energy into her family as she possibly can. What Chesley puts into real estate she gives back to her family. She has also donated to charities across the board, from supporting single moms to giving back to terminally ill children.